Bolt Fluting

We have a lot of variations in bolt work double sleeving, fluting, truing the bolt lugs and faces, new bolt handles replaced.
More clearance on tactical bolts for dirt clearance.


Sako extractors in Remington bolts - - $150 with extractor

Mini M-16 extractor installed in Remington bolt $165. 00.

Threading Bolt handles $75 plus Bolt knob.

Replace bolt handle on 700, 721, 722, seven, XP 100, $145 .00 with bolt handle.  The handles are Tig welded on or silver solder. On tactical bolts I suggest Tig welded.  I have to have your action to time the bolt handle.

Bolt fluting is another option that we offer, many configurations are available.  Helical is our most popular with six or eight flutes - - price starts at $125.

Also polishing of flutes is available on per hour basis.

We also coat with a hard proprietary coating which is graphite in color.  We use other coatings as well, such as durra coat, Cerakote with different colors.  Cerakote generation II.This is a ceramic coating.

Veterans and Active Military receive 5% discount on all services.

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